10/26/13 Ecommerce, Social Media and Automation — Hollywood-style –

Boot camp offers entrepreneurs real ways to increase their business through social marketing

Los Angeles, September 12, 2013  — Ever wonder how power players got to be power players?  Now’s your chance to find out as renowned entrepreneur Gina Alexander and InfusionGirl Productions launch Gina Academy with a special inaugural event combining interactive social media seminar/workshop/boot camp titled eCommerce, Social Media and Automation, Hollywood-Style.

Held at the Marriott Hotel at Bob Hope Burbank Airport, 2500 North Hollywood Way, Burbank, on October 26th, this 9-5pm all-day event will enlighten, educate and inspire you to use social media to enhance your business. With an emphasis on Infusionsoft and Facebook and a focus on consumer products and celebrity endorsement, participants will learn the secrets of successful entrepreneurs, firsthand.

Two Keynote Speakers are featured as well as a host of celebrity guests on hand to share knowledge and answer your questions.

Lee Nakamoto is a master social visionary with an expertise in consumer products. One of the youngest to attend UCLA at age 13, Lee will share the inner workings of using Facebook Monetization Strategy & Tactics. He uses Facebook Ads to grow millions of fans for his clients’ Facebook pages, and unique engagement strategies to flip their business in sales and marketing. Lee is also an avid user of Infusionsoft CRM systems to help monetize.  Lee has over 75 clients and many are TV producers, designers, etc.  In a short amount of time, companies he has worked with were able to monetize and raise their social media visibility in the millions.

WATCH Lee Nakamoto talk about the 10/26 event on YouTube:

Jermaine Griggs is a master of automation with over 300,000 students in music. Jermaine was featured on MSN Money along side Mark Zuckerberg as a multi millionaire by the age of 25. He is the owner of www.automationclinic.com and the founder of HearandPlay.com.

WATCH Jermaine’s story on YouTube: http://youtu.be/b_cPdPJGTfc

Other well-known participants include actress and comedienne Kim Whitley, Chili of TLC, DJ Manny Streetz (KIIS FM), Jennifer Braff who works with Jerry Buss on the LA Lakers for 20 years, talk show host Rob Kosberg, producer Lisa Lew of Judge Judy, Judge Gunn, and Judge Joe, Dave Sherman, head of Infusionsoft business development, Lash Fary of Distinctive Asset/Grammy Lounge, Daven Michaels, producer of Rave Parties and owner of 123employee.com, the number #1 outsourcing company in the world who assist Celebrities, and others.

Host Gina Alexander couldn’t be more thrilled.

“It’s amazing what gathering like-minded people together in one room for a sole purpose can do,” said Alexander. “Having succeeded as an entrepreneur through special media channels, I wanted to share the experiences of people like my keynote speakers with others, to help small businesses grow their sales through these game-changing channels.”

For more information on this event and more from Gina Academy, please visit www.GinaAcademy.com.

Purchase Tickets HERE.

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